Boat Excursions To Capri – Positano – Li Galli

boat excursions to capri positano and li galli

The best places for boat excursions in South Italy

The island of Capri includes a beautiful, rugged coastline with innumerable coves and bays at the feet of its steep cliffs. These have been used in Roman times as nympheus for the sumptuous villas constructed as summer homes on the clifftops above.

The most well-known attraction of Capri is without a doubt the Blue Grotto, where magical light effects have already been described by many authors and poets who’ve visited it over the centuries.

Capri is well-known for its Faraglioni, three towering rock stacks located offshore that create a magnificent visual impact. The three stacks have even names to tell them apart: Stella, for the main one closest to the mainland, Faraglione di mezzo, positioned in the middle, and Faraglione di fuori (or Scopolo), the furthest from shore.

Positano is an ideal holiday resort and is well known because of its steep village middle which clings to the cliffside right down to sea level. Instead of roads, many lanes are pedestrian staircases which lead from the city to the principle seashores on the waterfront like Praia Grande and Fornillo, within walking distance. Various other seashores, including La Porta, Arienzo and San Pietro Laureano, are accessible generally by boat.

The tiny islands of Li Galli are an archipelago that is located few kilometers at south of the Sorrento Peninsula. The three small islets, Gallo Lungo, La Rotonda, and Dei Bringanti, are well-known for the Greek legend of the Sirens.

These places are incomparable to many others, their beauty is something untouchable and to have a perfect vision of their charm is suggested to have a tour by boat. All these areas are pretty close to each other but in order to have the best possible experience and enjoy the weather in its whole potential, booking on advance a boat tour is definitely the best possible choice.