Boat tour around Capri: discover its myths

Boat tour around Capri

The region of Campania, located in Southern Italy was colonized by Ancient Greeks and was part of Magna Græcia. This land and its capital city, Naples, have been, ever since, centers of culture. The combination of natural beauty, history, and the architectural importance of the land, makes it a place like no others, and this is valid as well for the charming island standing just in front of the Neapolitan Coast: Capri.

There is so much to know about this island, and once one has the chance to know its magnificent history, its natural views will let you even more astonished.


A legendary island

Capri has always been the stage of many myths and legends. The island was known and celebrated already in the ancient times, since when Homer wrote about the Sirens Odysseus got to escape to. The voices of these charming creatures could define men’s destiny and establish their lives or deaths.  Sirens were not the only mythical beings supposed to live on the island, Homer’s work features the Laestygonians, giants who destroyed enemies’ vessels by throwing boulders from Capri cliffs.

The Blue Grotto itself, one of the most suggestive and shining spots of the Mediterranean, was supposed to be used as a shrine of a mother goddess, Cybele. Geologically speaking, the island is full of limestone, which, with the years passing, eroded and formed sinkholes in the rock. Slowly, this phenomenon over time caused the separation of Capri from the mainland.

Capri is full of natural treasures: a verdant vegetation, high cliffs covered in flowers, the Grottos, caves located in the northeastern side of the island, with their translucent waters. It’s easy to understand why Capri is so much loved and why so many artists, writers and knowledgeable people came from very different corners of the Earth to spend their time here and find their inspiration.

One of the best way to get to know the island is for sure by boat. Capri is a rocky island and many of its secrets are hidden on its coast or even separated from the main island by sea. Capri allure is undeniable, but is not easy to get to know this island without a proper guide.


Have a boat tour around Capri

Discover the isle of legends by sea. Mediterranean water around Capri is pristine and calm, a pleasure for sailing lovers. On board of a Capri Boat Experience exclusive boat, you will be guided safely and will be able to find out about the many myths and secrets of the island. Taking a boat tour around Capri is one of the most popular activities on the island.

Enjoy the breeze of the sea and the mite climate of the Campania region: they are a perfect combination for a perfect boat experience. A hostess will be giving you precious information on the way, you will see things that go behind your imagination. Legends tell that couples who kiss while passing through the Faraglioni rock formations, one of the top touristic Capri attractions, will be lucky in love, did you know?

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