Boat trip from Naples to Capri

boat trip naples capri

Naples enchants with scenarios similar to any other European destination. The variety of natural and historical heritages surrounding it is exceptional, not only on land but also beyond the sea. In fact, a few kilometers from Naples lies the most iconic island of glamor and lifestyle.

This island has made its way into the collective perception as a place of luxury and fashion: we are talking about Capri. That’s why the boat trip from Naples to Capri has become a must for tourists who want to see the best of these two places from an exclusive perspective.

Naples and Capri from the sea

Naples is impressive, as is its distinctive symbol. Vesuvius in particular extends majestically along the coast, visible from almost every point of the city. The peculiarity of this port city becomes evident from the sea. Full of hills and hills, high cliffs that welcome centenary buildings in the most varied architectural styles.

boat trip from naples to capri

Just as sometimes you have to detach yourself to see things in their entirety, a boat allows you to look at Naples beyond its jagged charm, its grandeur, and the calm of the crystal clear sea. Reaching Capri, therefore, becomes a real pleasure, a moment to fully enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

Jewels of the Mediterranean

Once you reach Capri, you are overwhelmed by the wonder of the famous images associated with the island. First of all, the Faraglioni. The three large rocks (respectively the Faraglione di Terra, the Faraglione di Mezzo and the Faraglione di Fuori), located to the southeast of the island, can be admired from another iconic place on Capri, the Gardens of Augustus.

Another must-see attraction in Capri is the Blue Grotto. It is a magical place, born as a karst cave in Roman times and used as a maritime nymphaeum in one of the typical villas, still accessible today, built in the August-Tiberian era.

After a long period of renunciation, it is finally possible to return to discover the beauties of Naples and Capri. The best Naples boat rental companies guarantee sanitized boats for each use and safety devices to ensure safety and hygiene. Good news for the summer that allows you to experience this land of wonders to its fullest potential.