Capri An Island In The Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy


Are you going to go in Italy? There are many incredible destinations to choose among: the wonderful Colosseum in Rome, or having the experience of being in a gondola in Venice, but there is another place in the southern part of the Peninsula that is – believe it or not – more intimate of all of them, and is well known as Capri Island. Located in the South of Naples Bay, the island provides an abundance of elegance and stunning landscapes, with clear turquoise ocean, white sandy seashores or the reefs, underwater caves accommodating relics of the Roman Empire.

The gem of the Tyrrhenian Sea

Many of incredibly famous artists, Hollywood superstars, writers and poets love Capri and continue to choose the island for their free time.

To facilitate site visitors, the enclave is well-known for its sights of the limestone cliffs and the beachside villa, built with funicular railway transport or the funicular tram. This tram provides visitors from the primary port to the primary streets in the town of Capri.

For a relaxing walk you one can reach the village of Anacapri, in Villa San Micelesana, site visitors can see the wonder of the gardens of the 19th hundred years.

Indeed cannot doubt the wonder of the beach. One very well-known host to the isle may be the Grotta Azzura, Blue Grotto (Blue Cave). That is a favorite tourist cave in the isle, dubbed the Blue Caves since the water displays with blue light enlighting the cave. Indeed, the sunlight passes through a little cave wall, creating incredible shades of color.

Blue Grotto in Capri

Blue Grotto can be reached by boat from the interface of Marina Grande. You can go there by bus from Anacapri or by taxi. However, once you reached the mouth area of the cave, you’ll be transferred to a little boat to visit the cave. Whichever your departure place is, you can anyway book a transfer boat to have a bit of that dolce vita lifestyle you’ll see in Capri and enjoy a truly interesting experience.

Why should you pass to a smaller sized boat? In the grottos you have a little lay down when moving through the mouth area of the cave. However – just once you get in the cave – you can openly move and stand upright, in the inside the dimensions are much bigger than the entrance.

What should you expect? You’ll find superior blue ocean, the suggestive cave ceiling and the reflection of the white sand in it… Doesn’t sound amazing?

Blue Grotto is known since ancient times but the German writer August Kopish was the first to give a depiction of the Grotto. Kopish and his friend Ernst Fries believed they have got discovered a beautiful miracle of nature.

Blue Grotto can’t be visited with inclement weather conditions because of the magnitude of the waves that made difficult the entrance. Furthermore, the caves require bright sunlight that can create the outstanding blue light that make the grottos so beautiful.

One thing you should know: prices of meals and other services on the island are fairly expensive, and be aware as well that in summertime visitors can exceed the amount of natives of the island, but apart from that, Capri is definitely a pearl lost in the blue crystal Tyrrhenian sea.