Capri boat excursion

capri boat excursion

Capri’s views are just unspeakable. Since when two German tourists discovered the Blue Grotto in 1826, the island has been the meaning area for tourism in South Italy, along with Sicily and Salento. By a Capri Boat excursion, you get to see the island from a whole complete perspective and get ready… The beauty of this small islet is incredible!

Capri Boat Excursion: what to expect

The breeze of the Mediterranean sea is already a good reason for a Capri boat excursion. One of the unmissable attractions of the island is the symbol of Capri itself: the majestic rock formations called Faraglioni. Probably you already heard about them, and maybe you do remember them from the images of and important fashion company which used the Faraglioni as the setting for their perfume advertising; what you probably didn’t know is that there is a legend behind the Faraglioni, according to the myth, the couples that kiss passing through the Faraglioni Rock Formation will have luck.

Among the other main stops for a perfect Capri Boat Excursion there are for sure the suggestive Marina Piccola Bay, Casa Malaparte and the Salto di Tiberio.

Booking a Capri Boat Excursion

Having a sea adventure in Capri is truly an unmissable experience to have. The blue and crystal sea is just precious and the landscape is just overwhelming!

Another small tip: the Blue Grottos have to be on your list, they are stunning but be aware that is you are going there on a cloudy day you risk to miss the multiple blue shades of the sea.

There are different options you can choose among, you can go for a private tour, a shared tour and go for a rubber boat or a luxury one.

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