Capri Boat Tours: a luxury day cruise.


Capri is a small island on the Gulf of Naples, situated just opposite Punta Campanella, the end of the Sorrento peninsula. The island of Tiberius is one of the most well-known islands in the world and was already famous in ancient Rome.
Along with the Isles of Ischia, Procida, Vivara and Nisida, it’s part of the Archipelago of Campania. This little pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea has a very particular aspect made of medium height peaks and inner highlands. Among the latter, Anacapri is one of the best known. The coast is very jagged and full of caves, coves and cliffs overhanging the sea. In Roman times, the caves and bays were used as Nymphaeum of the above Villas. The most famous of these is the Blue Grotto that, with its spectacular colors, inspired many artists over the centuries.

Therefore, the best way to visit Capri should definitely include a boat trip. From the sea, in fact, the view changes dramatically and the island’s perception becomes more complete. The scenery that you can admire from a boat is definitely fascinating and leave very intense memories.

The best way to see Capri is a private boat trip!

If you want to spend a day on a yacht, you can choose to spend 8 hours on a Capri boat tour!

Your daily cruise can take place in full relaxation giving you the chance to fully get in the mood of the island of Tiberius. On board, soft drinks and snacks will make your boat day in Capri even more enjoyable. Up to 12 people can be comfortably hosted on our luxury boats, so you can enjoy this little cruise with your family and friends also.

Your Capri day begins with a tour of the island to visit the famous Grottos, the Faraglioni and, in the summer days, maybe go for a swim. The “Salto di Tiberio” (Tiberius Jump) is one of the successive stops of the trip: it’s said Emperor Tiberius was throwing down from here traitors and unwanted guests…

Have an espresso in Capri!

Later, the Statue of Scugnizzo will greet you from the cliff of Marina Grande, giving you an amazing welcome on the island. As we said, a day in Capri should also include spending some time on the land and enjoying an espresso and some pastries. Don’t miss the chance to visit the picturesque narrow alleys and the small luxurious shops of Capri. The colors and the landscapes will leave you impressed.

A day like this will become a very special moment to remember. The photos you take will be the proof that it was not a dream and that you will never forget it!

Not having to worry about the hustle and bustle of crowds and queues, you can totally get into the characteristic atmosphere of this island so rich in charm and history.

You can receive all the information you may need by visiting our website and setting everything you need for your Capri Boat Experience!