Capri boat tours: discover the island

Capri Faraglioni

Capri is a very special destination for your holidays. This island, located in the southern part of Italy,is a destination  of tourists coming from all over the world to benefit from its warm weather and pristine waters. Capri is known to be a very luxurious destination which annually hosts celebrities attracted by its stylish and fashionable appeal. Its clothing is synonymous of wealth and good taste. You can definitely find lots to do in Capri but it would be a waste to miss the stunning nature surrounding the island; clear waters, golden shores, hidden coves are waiting for you to discover them.

Italy by boat is a must during your vacation, especially if you are visiting Campania region. The prosperity of the Mediterranean waters and the piles of rocks surrounding its lands, create a remarkable and outstanding blend, which in Capri reaches its highest representation.

Capri boat tour from Naples

If Mediterranean waters catch your attention a boat tour is for sure something you should experience. If you are spending your holidays in Naples or you are just arriving from the airport, you can have an unforgettable experience by boat. A tour through breathtaking spots, unreachable by land is the best way to spend your time here. We provide tours that will take you along the coastline to visit the White, Green and Blue grottos, some of the most famous sights in Capri. The Blue Grottos, for example, is 25 meters wide and 60 meters long with a really tiny entrance. The entrance ticket must be purchased at the floating ticket office at the cave entrance; here even usual things like buying a ticket, can turn into a very peculiar experience! Imagine how you’ll feel when you’ll be bobbing in the dark, suspended on very super blue waters! You will pass as well across the Marina Piccola bay and the Faraglioni rock formations. Among all the amazing natural beauties you’ll have the chance to visit, you’ll have some time to stroll around and have a taste of the savory dishes the island offers.

Capri boat day tours

You can choose to spend a full day based on hiking Capri and its sea. On this way you’ll have the possibility to have a more deepen knowledge about this magical and mysterious place at the end of the day. During the tour you’ll be led in the exploration of amazing views and spots. You’ll see the Grottos mentioned before and the many other beauties Capri has to offer. That’s the best solution for a sea lover because you’ll have all the time to swim, sunbathe, stop for lunch without any pressure or anxiety, which we are sure you want to leave behind on those days! When you see the impressive Faraglioni rocks rising up from the sea and you’re enjoying the panoramic views in front of you, you’ll be sure Capri was the perfect choice for your holiday to have your batteries recharged, and your energies full filled!

Capri Private boat tours

If you want to spend a romantic moment with your loved one, what on Earth can be better than an idyllic journey on Mediterranean waters just you and your soul mate? You can imagine how suggestive could be a moment like this: sipping a cocktail, admiring the colors of the sunset, having a romantic candlelit dinner… With our private tours you can have an amazing experience to share just with your love. We guarantee you will live moments you will never be able to forget about! That’s the best option to have a Capri relax boat experience if you are looking for quiet and a peaceful atmosphere.

Capri Boat tour cost

Prices for your Capri boat adventure can be variable. Insert your departure place and the number of people you are planning to travel with in our website to check out costs. Choose what’s the experience you would like to have and get prepared to live something unique!

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