Capri Fashion and Style

capri fashion and style

Capri and fashion: the true essence of Capri style

Known not just for its stunning natural attractions, Capri gets the interest of many because here is where the fashion dream happens.

Since the beginning of its success, the island immediately distinguished itself for having a very peculiar personality. A style maybe difficult to define, but that after has became worldly known as Capri style.

Putting distance between the contemporary trends and what was successful on the island, Capri become a separated piece of world, where what was supposed to be successful in other places, could actually do not work on the island that has its own fashion rules: treasures till the ankle, top fabric and comfortable shirt. A very essential outfit, simple, but that many Hollywood stars and world icons made theirs. Among these: Jaqueline Kennedy, Ingrid Bergman, Katherine Hepburn and Audrey Hepburn.

It was just question of time before the great brands of the fashion industry made their first move to be present on the island with their franchising, damaging at the same time the old boutique, where everything was handmade and unique.

Fashion parades in Capri

Many exhibitions were held in Capri. One of the last fashion appointment in Capri? The defilé by Francesco Scognamiglio on the iconic stairs of la Piazzetta. To celebrate the 20 years of its maison, the historic brand arranged an interesting exhibition on July 2018.

For many years Capri has been the springboard for a host of trends, colors and styles. And it was the setting for an event that made history: Mare Moda Capri.

In its own kind, we are speaking about a unique event, made out of a calendar rich of appointment dedicated to fashion, business, tourism and luxury. Fashion parades, international meeting, awards and competition that have made Mare Moda Capri an unmissable appointment dedicated to summer fashion trends.