Enjoy boat tour of Capri!

Visiting Capri is a must when you have the chance to take a trip to the South of Italy. This small Tyrrhenian island was the scene of many movies and it is told in many books and poems. His legendary fame has grown over the centuries.

The Emperor Tiberius fell in love and chose it as one of his favorite residences. Although located in the Gulf of Naples, Capri has a very peculiar charm that characterizes it clearly. For this reason, many tourists are impressed and are sure to come back to this luxurious place, once again in the lifetime.

Watch Capri from the sea

Capri is one of those places that deserves to be toured. It offers incredibly beautiful landscapes and has quite a different effect watched from the sea. Usually, the island connoisseurs suggest a visit that includes a boat tour and some time to spend on the land.

This way you will not miss anything! You can admire the very jagged coastline rich in caves alternating with rocks overhanging the sea and small coves. Visits to the island’s famous caves are in fact possible only with small rowing boats.

There’s no other way to go through the narrow spaces between the rocks. But the colors and the perfumes of Capri waters are so special as to leave no choice! They are even mentioned in the brand name of many beauty products.

The Capri boat tour is an excellent solution for those traveling with a group of people. Traveling with your family or close friends can give you the chance to spend time together with the people you love but you’ll have to handle crowds and queues.

A group tour with a personal dimension

This type of excursion to Capri is usually the ideal choice for travelers who want a personal dimension for their journeys. In this way, they can live the experience that best suited to them without sacrificing the pleasure of the companionship of family and friends.

The only task for our guests is to reach the port. If you need to go to the port, we can help you! We can arrange a transfer to the pier.

Often Cruise guests also may need a group excursion to Capri that allows them to see as much as possible but in a limited time.
All you have to do to enjoy a day dedicated to Capri is to arrive in Naples and arrange with us the details of your private tour! Then we will take care of you and your travel companions.

What are you waiting for? Book now your Capri boat tour and… just relax!