Experience Capri Boat Excursion

experience capri boat excursion

Capri Boat Excursion: a must do in Capri

Organizing and experiencing  Capri Boat Excursions is for sure one of the “must do”of dolce vita style vacation, especially in summer. Think about it: a relaxing boat tour escaping the hotness and crowd.

Spending a day on boat is in the midway between adventure and relax, an exciting but carefree experience at the same time, refreshing and invigorating. Who wouldn’t float over the sea in one of the most amazing places of the Mediterranean Sea?

You decide which kind of boat excursion is the right for you, on Capri Boat Experience you can choose among a wide range of boat excursions provided by experts in sailing who will make your day on boat unforgettable.

Your perfect day on boat with Capri Boat Experience

Imagine this: the captain of the boat welcoming you with a toast and guiding you at the discovery of places of unspeakable beauty, while leaving behind the city life in advantage of nature.

In this case is important to rely on technical expertise and companies who have deep knowledge of the territory. The passion for sea is contagious, and with the right guide you’ll have the chance to recollect unforgettable moments to carry back home.

We offer different kind of boat excursion, not just on Capri territory, but in Amalfi, Sorrento, Naples and Ischia as well. These destinations recall each year tourists from all over the world, and, if they are beautiful by land, they are stunning by sea.

Find out which of our boat tours is the one that matches more with your needs: Capri boat excursion with your soul mate at night? Family Capri boat tour with the family? Maybe a boat excursion around Sorrento with your friends… Whichever your dream experience is, we can make it real!

So, what are you waiting for? Try the high class private boat tour of the most beautiful places in South Italy!