Getting to Capri from Naples

getting to capri from naples

Getting to Capri from Naples

Capri is considered to be a Paradise on earth. A truly special spot, where everywhere you look, you find beauty and glamour. If you are wondering how to get to Capri from Naples you have different options: helicopter, ferry or by private boat.
A ferry, especially during the high season, could be a bad choice. Tourism in Capri during July and August can be massive, and even queues are. If the helicopter is the fastest way, miss sailing on the Mediterranean sea would be a pity! That’s why getting to Capri from Naples by private boat is the favorite choice by tourists.

capri water

Naples to island of Capri

On board, the view is just amazing: the beauty of the coast mixed with the perfect blue of the pristine water. From the Bay of Naples till the Faraglioni rocks in Capri, doesn’t it sound like an outstanding experience?

Everything is so suggestive… and as many say “it’s not the destination in itself, but the trip to get there“.

Are you starting feeling the warm Mediterranean sun already on your skin?

Naples to isle of Capri

A private boat transfer or tour is the unmissable opportunity to experience the dolce vita style that is so iconic in Capri island.

Getting to Capri from Naples won’t be stressful at all with a professional staff taking care of you and the sound of the waves everywhere around you.

And once you get to your destination, it will be clear why Capri is the favorite by the stars of Hollywood!

Take note: during summer there are many glamorous events that are set in Capri, as the Ferragosto celebration with music and food, the “Settembrata Anacaprese” in September and the “Maratona del Golfo” Capri-Naples, 36 Kilometer Open Water Swim for sports lovers.

Ready for a magnificent sea adventure?