Cruise Ship from Naples to Capri, Italy

how to get from a cruise ship from naples to capri

Docking in Naples with a cruise

The passengers of a cruise, for how pleasant the cruise can be, once debarked, are ready for adventure and in search of new experiences! Naples is often included in cruises itineraries. That’s probably because of the blue crystal water, for the living soul of the city, but for sure, as well for its closeness to Capri! Are you one of the next cruisers who are going to come to Naples? If the answer is ‘yes‘ you are probably wondering how to get from a cruise ship from Naples to Capri, and you happened to jump in the right post!

Naples is a colorful city with a perfect Mediterranean climate. The downtown of the city is plenty of monuments and historical heritage. The city has a unique appeal, something difficult to describe, but deeply related to tradition and art. One little tip: before getting to your next destination, be sure to try the local delicious food: pizza, ice cream and above all street food (which Naples is particularly famous about).

Getting to Capri with cruise

Wealthy, intellectuals and eccentrics found in Capri their Paradise isle, their special spot where everything is beautiful and glamorous. You can get from a cruise ship from Naples to Capri by choosing among different alternatives: helicopter, ferry, private boat transfer, etc. If a ferry, especially in high season, risks to be a stressful experience because of the crowd and endless queue, and a helicopter can maybe be a little too expensive, a boat transfer could be the perfect solution for cruisers to get to Capri.

By boat the view is amazing: the water is of an unspeakable, intense blue and the nature of the island is incredibly suggestive, starting with the Faraglioni and arriving at the port of Marina Piccola. A boat transfer allows getting the best from the panorama and permits to keep the relaxed mood of a cruise vacation.

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