How to get to Capri

how to get to capri

Capri sits off the Sorrentine Peninsula, south of Naples on the west coastline of southern Italy, and is definitely quickly reached by hydrofoil from the Italian mainland.

Capri is famed for its landscapes, sophistication and shopping, among other iconic things such as the local limoncello and the worldly famous handmade leather sandals.

But what’s the best way to get to the island? Of course, being an island there is only one way to get there, and it’s by boat.

How to get to Capri from Naples

If you are leaving from Naples you have different options: leaving from Molo Beverello, Port of Mergellina or from Calata di Massa. These are pretty suggestive piers; the first one is located directly across the Maschio Angioino Castle, generally, both if you are choosing a private transfer or a public kind of transfer, such as a ferry, you’ll generally be able to get to Capri from Molo Beverello or Port of Mergellina.

Considering how busy the ferries are in summertime, booking in advance a private boat transfer is the best way to get to Capri without anxiety and in full comfort.

How to get to Capri from the station of Naples

From the central place in Piazza Garibaldi, we recommend you have a taxi, requesting the fixed fare. Normally, the subway Line 1 from the Piazza Municipio or University stops close to the Molo Beverello. Check out carefully from which pier you are going to leave, if you are departing from the Port of Mergellina you could consider relying on a driving company to be sure to reach your destination in time.

If you booked a boat transfer or boat tour with us, be aware that we offer car transfer service that will accompany you directly to the pier of Mergellina!

How to get to Capri from the airport of Naples

From the Capodichino terminal, consider the Alibus which stops first in Piazza Garibaldi and in Piazza Municipio, opposite the Molo Beverello pier, in about thirty minutes. Again, you can even consider a private transfer.

How to get to Capri departing from Sorrento

If you are coming from Sorrento, your way to the dreamy island of Capri will be even easier and shorter. To get there by hydrofoil it takes between 20 and 25 minutes. A boat taxi on the other side, can offer you such a great landscape and views that would be a pity to miss the chance to have such an experience!

The slot of Sorrento could be very easily reached from Piazza Tasso by descending about a hundred steps. Additionally there is an elevator in the historical middle of Sorrento which operates from the Villa Comunale to the interface.

Arriving in Capri

Every boat gets to Capri in the same pier, Marina Grande. Once you get there, the next step depends on your needs: if you need to arrive to the hill of Capri you have many options: bus, taxi or funicular. On the other side, if you want to get to the western side, in direction to Anacapri, you can both go by taxi or bus.

How to get to Capri from Rome

By train, Rome to Naples requires 1 hour 35 mins; Naples to Salerno can be 1 hour. The travel from Salerno to Amalfi by bus, taxi or hire treatment should take 40 a few minutes. An hourly bus support works between Sorrento and Salerno stopping at Amalfi.