First Plastic free establishment in Capri

capri first plastic free enstablishment

The first plastic free seaside establishment

In Capri is now open the first plastic free seaside establishment: a very good news that involve the seaside restaurant and beach club “Da Gemma & Le Ondine“.  The owner Gemma Rocchi, granddaughter of the founder of the seaside establishment who has been a renewed icon of the island, friend with many famous personalities that made Capri their favorite destinations.

In what consists the plastic free approach that “Da Gemma & Le Ondine” is taking? By using biodegradable and compostable materials, the Capri seaside establishment is going to eliminate completely the plastic consumption.

Items like ice-cream cups, teaspoons, glasses, plates and straws  and any other plastic product will be banned from the establishment in favor of compostable items.

This eco friendly choice is probably an additional push toward a greener environment in Capri and South Italy.

The blue island has many natural treasures that need to be protected, such as many other places with incredible nature.

What should we expect now? Hopefully an even more natural island!

Capri for the environment

Not just about this place, the all island is going in this direction thanks to the order signed by the mayor of the island.

What has been decided? First there won’t longer be plastic items in supermarkets and restaurant (we are talking about highly used products as plastic bags, cutlery, plastic containers and straws.

The reasons that led to this ordinance are mainly related to the protection of an area that has around two million tourists every year.

The mayor also wanted to exploit the wide visibility of Capri, famous throughout the world, to draw attention to this environmental problem.

In addition, not just Capri, but other tourist resorts such as the close island of Procida and the city of Naples itself are adopting similar ordinances, trying to free our world and our seas from plastic!