Ischia Boat Tour: let the Island seduce you

ischia boat tour

An explosion of colors and smells, a unique combination of plants and landscapes, and a  perfect relaxing climate: Ischia is a treasure that never stops to amaze and it is definitely going to captivate you!

The island of Ischia is a unique environmental reality; its luxuriant vegetation gave it the name of “Green Island”.  The island is a very valid representation of biodiversity: its stunning and rich landscapes provoke strong emotions and the variety of flora is astonishing! The particular geography Ischia has, combined with its location, in the center of the Tyrrhenian Sea,  foster a mite climate even in winter.

Because of its volcanic origin on the island there is thermal spring water, known and used since the ancient times. The extraordinarily healthy benefits they have represent a strong call for curious tourists searching for relax on their holidays.

If this year you chose to spend your holidays visiting Italy and you are curious about the hidden Italian treasure you should get to know a pearl named Ischia. Now you have the opportunity to discover this suggestive island from a not exactly conventional point of view.

Ischia Boat Tour from Naples

Visiting Southern Italy is a very precious experience, doing it by boat on summer time is a truly matchless adventure! Spend your holidays at the best and choose to be guided in the discovery of breathtaking lands by our qualified staff. Select one of boat tour and let the exploration start!

You can choose among different, varied solution, the one that fits you the best.

With the Ischia Boat Tour you will have 8 hours to admire stunning landscapes and enjoy some of the most important attractions Ischia has to offer, among which the Aragonese Castle and the fisherman village of Sant’Angelo. The boat will leave from the port of Mergellina in Naples and will lead you in special and romantic corners.

Keep in mind that we offer some very special solutions for couples: what about spending a full night on board of a boat with your partner with the Green Island amazing views surrounding you and your soul mate? It sounds like a perfect romantic holidays and so, we suggest to you our Romantic Night Ischia Boat Tour, something very difficult to forget about.

Among the other solutions you can find, there is the Ischia seaside restaurant boat tour, the perfect one if you want to explore Italian kitchen with your family or friends.

Find out more information and check our Boat Tours to  start dreaming about your vacation!

Ischia Boat trips

Choose our service to travel in comfort and relax, if you have to reach the seemingly painted Ischia coast, rely on our transfers to do it in the best way possible. Travel without interruption or any form of disturbance and share the crossing on the Tyrrhenian waves just with your loved ones. It’s your time to chill out and have some quality time far away from daily stress and chaotic routine. Just your friends and the whisper of the waves, in the direction of your new destination, doesn’t it sound good?

With our speedboat transfer you will be able to reach your destination in comfort and safety and if you need a transport from the Naples airport or rail station just let us know: you can specify it at the moment of your booking.

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