Naples boat trip to Capri

naples boat trip to capri

Boat trip from Naples to Capri

Looking for a Naples boat trip to Capri? Campania region has many different areas with are worth a visit: apart from its main city, the ancient Naples and the stunning Amalfi Coast, there are beautiful islands just in front of the Neapolitan Coast. The most famous? Capri for sure.

There are different ways to reach the beautiful three islands of Procida, Ischia, and Capri from Naples. Some of the more exclusive than others: the Mediterranean sea is well known to have crystal blue water, and the coastal landscapes are beyond imagination. Cliffs looking over the sea, picturesque villages with colored roofs, the beautiful weather and the warm of locals make the recipe for a truly magnificent travel experience.

The three islands offer different experiences. If Procida is a small islet perfect for solo traveler and nature lovers, Ischia is made for families. Each year it recalls massive family tourism. On the other side, Capri is the place where luxury, style, and beautiful nature meet. That’s probably in this mix of elements that stand the fame of the island. Capri is among the favorite destination of very prestigious people from the business and the movie industry. At the same time is the scenario of important show business events.

Boat trip to Capri from Naples

Traveling by a Naples boat trip to Capri is pretty easy if you know how to move around, but there is some information that is useful to keep in mind if you are still choosing your best travel option.

During summer the queues for hydrofoil transportations are very long and even getting your tickets can take some time. Apart from this, for sure a trip shared with many people is not the same as a private trip with just your loved one.

The private transfer is probably the best way to get to Capri without any anxiety while enjoying an intimate experience with friends and family.

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