Naples to Capri by boat

naples to capri by boat

It’s known: during holiday time everyone wants to bring the stress rate to the lowest level. Even considering buses or hydrofoils departure times can be a reason of stress. If you choose to visit Capri for your holidays you are probably searching for a truly relaxing and comfortable experience.

Why should you be worried about logistic problems when you are having your well-deserved vacation time?

Enjoying the holidays: Naples to Capri by boat

In order to reach Capri, you’ll have to first to get to Naples (or the even closer Sorrento). Once you are in Naples our suggestion is pretty simple. Relax as much you can and put yourself in that dolce vita style so iconic in Capri.

Booking a boat or renting a boat transfer from Naples to Capri will allow you to avoid the queue. Be aware: queue can be endless in high season time. Above all, a boat transfer will give you the opportunity to have a Capri lifestyle experience even before getting to the island.

By choosing an option like this you’ll have the chance to be accompanied by locals. Who better than them can be a great source of knowledge on the island?

You’ll be able to perceive the unique sense of glamour that made Capri the favorite destination of Hollywood stars like Grace Kelly, Mariah Carey and Beyonce.

Capri Dolce Vita on boat

Listening to the sound of the waves and get lost in the incredibly crystal azure water with a glass of champagne in your hand and just your friends and family on board of a luxury boat… Could you imagine a better way of traveling from Naples to Capri by boat?

The warm Mediterranean sun on your skin while a professional skipper carries you and your people to the dreamy destination: the worldwide famous isle of Capri!

In Capri is all about relaxing and enjoying the overwhelming surrounding beauty!

It will be a pleasure after this taste of dolce vita to disembark on the island and having a truly Italian espresso in the famed Piazzetta and having a walk among the picturesque narrow alleys and the small luxurious boutiques where you’ll find unique pieces of high fashion!

Get ready: your dolce vita is about to start!