Nerano seaside restaurant boat tour

nerano seaside restaurant boat tour

Delicate and strong flavors of the Italian Kitchen  in an idyllic frame over the sea. That’s Nerano, the fisherman village located halfway between Sorrento and Amalfi. This small village, according to the history, enchanted even Emperor Nerone, who decided to give its own name to the charming place.  We are speaking about a tiny village built into the mountains, overlooking a pretty little port  below. Nerano it’s maybe not among the most renowned destination in Italy, but the intimacy it has is part of its allure.

One very important reason to visit Nerano is food: we all know that for Italians food is a big deal and this truth is felt in South Italy particularly. Think that Nerano gives its name to a famous and ancient pasta recipe with courgettes and basil, a delight for the palate!

One of the best restaurants of the Amalfi Coast

The village hosts one of the very famous and praised restaurant in the Amalfi coast, la Conca del Sogno, a place whose tasting, delicious specialties are hard to beat. Having lunch in La Conca del Sogno is a very unforgettable experience: you will sit comfortably and will have a delicious meal in front of the sea, and what a sea! The view from the restaurant is unbelievable, the sea is surrounded by cliffs and there are many yachts floating on the water.

La Conca del Sogno is a place whose kitchen goes along with the tradition of the ancient recipes, but in a creative approach and with a huge care for the smaller details. The quality of the kitchen attracts each year famous VIP and public figures who spend part of their holidays in Nerano.

Among the specialties on menu, you should definitely try, we suggest fried calamari and zucchini, and, of course the fish. Be aware that the fish is fresh and local and really nice at taste. If you don’t know what Babà is you have your chance to try a very delicious one, this traditional dessert is alcoholic and a very surprise for your tongue.

If you are a gourmet and you want to see one of the most charming places on the Amalfi coast, you should get to know Nerano and La Conca del Sogno.

Nerano seaside restaurant boat tour

With the Nerano seaside restaurant boat tour, it’s easy to spend a magnificent experience you will always remember. Imagine the crystal water, the breeze of the wind while you are sailing over the waves, the delicious meal that is waiting for you and after just dive into the fresh Mediterranean sea! Sound to me like a really unique experience and a shimmering memory to carry back home!

The tour last about five hours. Departure is scheduled from Mergellina port, and we will set a timetable that fits your needs. Once the anchor is taken off, you will be in the hands of our qualified staff who will take good care of you and will welcome you on board with a fresh drink. On board you will have an English speaker member of the staff who will be pleasured to give you information and advices to spend your days in our land in the best possible way.

Please rely on us to make your Italian days a wonderful adventure, let us show you a magnificent place on the Amalfi coast!