Private Boat Naples to Capri: a different travel

private boat naples to capri

Capri is famous for many things, you might have seen it on postcards, beautiful Instagram shots and maybe in some old-fashioned Italian movies. It’s actually like you imagine it: incredible landscapes, a stunning coastline, crystal and pure water… Located in the Gulf of Naples, Capri has a wonderful view on the Mount Vesuvius and is exactly in front of Sorrento Peninsula and Amalfi Coast. A private boat Naples to Capri Tour is exactly what is needed to enjoy Capri’s beauty by sea!

Private Boat Naples to Capri

Why is the coastline so special in here? Apart for the amazing blue sea, the shores are amazingly diversified: sand, rocks, cliffs, and places where mountains and sea are melted together. What is possible to find in the Mediterranean Sea is not easy to see in Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean. In addition to the thousands of bays, there are several stops for snorkeling.

Reaching Capri from Naples

Reaching Capri might not be the most relaxed experience; the island is not that far from Naples coast but going there during the peak season can be a bit stressful. Among the drawbacks there are traffic, ticket queues, embarking queue and difficulty in car parking. Not exactly the dreamy stay you are thinking about.

That’s why a private boat Naples to Capri is a different way of thinking about traveling! A holiday deserves the best you can get after a stressful work year. Everything should be simple, and should include only the experiences you really like or what to try.

Italians know this perfectly: when you get the chance to live something beautiful, enjoy it at the best and just focus on good feelings!

So if you really want to see the best of the island from another point of you, cuddling yourself with a luxury transfer service, on a marvelous boat, with locals showing you the best of their land, sipping a drink with your dear ones by your side and hearing about Capri’s legends, you should choose a private boat transfer from Naples to Capri!