Private Boat Tours of Capri coast Italy

private boat tours of capri coast italy

Capri is a gem in the Mediterranean Sea, and while you will love walking through the town, relaxing on the beach, enjoying crazy luxury shopping, having a romantic dinner with the breathtaking view of a sunset on the sea, there is only one way to make the most of your Capri fantastic holiday: booking a private boat tour of the island of Capri.
A private boat tour will be the opportunity to see the best of Capri Island in one day, everything that was created by the nature and represent Capri’s most beautiful heritage.

White, Green and Blue Grottos

The Blue Grotto is absolutely a must-see of your trip to Capri, its name is due to the spectacular colour of the water created by the lights inside the cave. It is a unique view you must see with your own eyes. The Green Grotto is also called Emerald Grotto for the splendid colour of its water and it’s a cave you can also swim in, while the White Grotto is particularly well-known for its many stalactites and stalagmites, one of which has the shape of the Virgin Mary.

Marina Piccola

On the Capri’s southern coast, lies its small harbor, the quieter and picturesque Marina Piccola, with its small pebble beaches and colorful bars and restaurants. From Marina Piccola you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Faraglioni.


Among the most famous Capri landmarks, the Faraglioni are 3 rock formations amazingly shaped by the waves. Or, as written by Homer in the Odyssey, they would be the 3 rocks thrown by the cyclops Polyphemus, while for Virgil in the Aeneid, they are the rocks where the Sirens lived.

Salto di Tiberio

The cliff overlooking the sea on the northeastern coast of the island is named after Roman Emperor Tiberius who lived in Capri and from there ruled the Roman Empire for 10 years between A.D. 27 and 37. According to the legend the cruel and vicious emperor would throw the condemned over the precipice.

Scugnizzo Gennarino

The bronze statue of Gennarino the “Scugnizzo”, a young kid in Neapolitan language, sits on a big rock waving to greet and welcome the tourists. That’s why it’s also called the welcome statue and remember to greet the scugnizzo Gennarino back with a “Ciao!” for good luck.

Marina Grande

The biggest and busiest harbor of the island, with the largest beaches and full of colorful buildings along the shore. Marina Grande will amaze you with its crowds, its many bars and big and small boats in the blue sea. Here you can have a drink, or from here you can access the narrow streets leading to the center of Capri and La Piazzetta, or to the shopping street Via Camerelle.

With our Capri Private Boat Tour, in one day you will visit all the must-see landmarks of Capri coast, without having to research more: let us guide you and show you the best of our island!