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capri airport

So you’ve finally decided to have the trip of your life, to visit the place you have dreamed of and seen in movies, advertisements, gossip magazines. You are going to Italy, and the jewel of your itinerary will be the island of Capri. You’re already dreaming of the sun, the sea, you’re picturing yourself sunbathing on a luxury yacht near the Faraglioni like a celebrity, planning to stroll through the shopping streets of Capri heading to La Piazzetta to have your aperitivo. You can’t wait to be on a boat for a private tour around the island taking amazing pictures of Capri’s Grottos, and watch a romantic sunset on the Mediterranean. The next move then, is to plan your trip, and certainly the first things you’re going to need to plan are the flights and how to reach Capri.

Isle of Capri nearest airport

Even though Capri is an extremely famous place, you have to consider that it is a small island, and furthermore, the natural features that make this wonderful island so special, also make it not the perfect place to set an airport. Therefore we need to always opt for reaching Capri by sea from the mainland.

There are two airports on the coast of Campania in front of Capri which are Naples and Salerno, however Salerno’s Airport is very small and not really a choice, while Naples airport is the biggest airport in Southern Italy and the 6th biggest in Italy and it is definitely Capri’s nearest airport and the most convenient one.

Naples airport Napoli Capodichino is an international airport, and given the length of Italian peninsula, flying to Naples is definitely the best choice either if you’re travelling from abroad using one of the many airlines with direct flights to Naples, or if you’re heading to Capri from the Northern Italy, where flying to Naples might be much shorter and even cheaper than using the train.

Transfer Capri Naples airport

Once you’ve booked your flight to Naples, you can opt for a few choices to reach Capri. You’ll certainly have to travel from Naples airport to the harbour and from there reaching Capri by boat, however there are different choices depending on how comfortable you’d like your journey to be. The standard route to reach Capri includes a touristic shuttle bus from the airport to Naples harbor where you will join all the other tourists in a crowded queue to buy the tickets for the next ferry to the islands (Capri, Ischia and Procida being the main ones) and then wait under the sun to take the ferry.
In our long experience (and life in Napoli) we have been in touch with hundreds of visitors and our clients who told us how much nicer, cozier and faster it is to choose the comfort of a complete private transportation from Naples airport to Capri. To begin with, you don’t have to worry about timetables, seats, buying tickets: our private English speaking driver will just wait for you at your arrival and welcome you in our private car. Moreover, we will drive you to the harbor to find our private luxury boat: our private skipper and English-speaking guide (if needed) will welcome you on board and accompany you on a fantastic private transfer from Naples to Capri. You will just have to sit and have a drink, enjoying the waves. Book now our Naples to Capri Boat Transfer and let us know the details of your flight to arrange for the private transportation for you. We will be happy to help you starting your dreamy vacation in Capri in the most cozy and amazing way.