The most attractive small islands

the most attractive small islands

At the discovery of the most attractive small islands

Which are the most attractive small island in the world? There is plenty of choice but among all the chances to have incredibly beautiful stay in the middle of shimmering white sand and blazing sapphire water.

Here we list some island that is worth to add to your list:

Formentera, Spain
Formentera is 4 miles away from Ibiza island in Spain. It is quieter and peaceful than Ibiza island. It can be considered as a paradise in Mediterranean. The long coastal line, clear water and white sand here will make visitors from all over the world feel like staying in the Caribbean. If you feel bored walking on the beaches, you can go to wander around the only small town and buy some souvenir in the local shop.

Kalymnos, Greek
For a long time, islands in Greek are the first choice for people to spend their vacation. But, Kalymnos is a more recent discovery in the touristic field. Kalymnos was once a part of Dodecanese islands in the Aegean Sea. Now it is famous for rock climbing. The island looks like a beautiful painting! If you have some time to walk around, you will find for sure many stunning attractions.

Elba, Italy
Elba is the biggest island among Tuscan Archipelago. It is 90 miles in perimeter. And it takes only one hour by ship from Italy continent to Elba. There are a lot of nice panoramas here that worth exploring—picturesque village, dark green valleys, ancient castles, steep cliffs, soft beaches and also clear and blue sea.

Faroe Islands, Denmark
Faroe islands is considered one of the most attractive island by National Geographic. Here the beauty of nature is unbelievable: there are more than 300 kinds of birds and very stunning landscapes. With a bit of patience you may even see a seal coming out of the sea.
We move now in America for the beautiful islands of Barbuda and Antigua. These paradise destinations are well-known for their suggestive beaches.


With its blue domes and the towering sea cliffs, the island has become a sample of glossy travel books. A truly romantic island, perfect for couple vacation.


Capri is considered a proper VIP vacation. Symbol of a luxury lifestyle and fashion, is also appreciated for the natural beauties that makes it a top destination holiday. The best way to discover Capri is by boat, a tour by boat of the island will leave you speechless considering the incredible things you’ll have the chance to see!