Transfer Naples to Capri: comfort on boat!

transfer naples to capri

A transfer Naples to Capri is something to try if you have chosen these destinations for your holidays. A trip, whichever might the destination be, deserve to be lived up to the best! The memories collected during our travels will accompany us for life, that’s why they are such significant experiences!

Your vacation in Naples

If you are coming to Capri from Naples, below you’ll find  some tips on what you cannot miss seeing. Naples is a melting pot of Greek and Roman cultures. The nearby attractions range from Palace of Caserta, to the Duomo of San Gennaro with its incredible frescoes, the Royal Palace and Castle Nuovo.

There is so much to see that probably you are not willing to wait for lines and queue and take off time from your holiday!

Now that you have experienced Naples’magic, you cannot miss the nearby island of Capri.

Transfer Naples to Capri by boat

Capri is just stunning! With its dramatic landscapes it serves as a melting pot for yachts from all over. The major attraction of Capri are the picturesque harbor of Marina Piccola, the panoramic Belvedere of Tregara, Faraglioni, Anacapri and the incredible Blue Grotto, the cavern where the sunlight penetrates through creating indescribable colors and atmosphere.

If you want both of this two amazing destinations to be part of your vacation, you should make the transfer part as easy as it can be, maybe choosing something that can be a wonderful experience in itself, such as a luxury transfer Naples to Capri.

Imagine being comfortably accommodated on a luxury boat, just relaxing and enjoying the view with a private boat reserved for you and your loved ones. Forget the queues, the timetables and the crowd. It’s just you and your dear ones with the sea. Of course with a very professional staff taking care of you during your transfer.

Even moving from a holiday destination to another can be magnificent! Enjoy the pleasure of a tailor-made boat trip and bring back home truly special sea memories with Capri Boat Experience!