Naples to Capri private boat transfer

Capri private boat transfer

Capri is predominantly a tourist destination. Indeed, we could say that in many people’s minds is just a tourist destination. For many others, however, it is also a place where important business meetings take place. Not all those who go to Capri in fact, are going there to spend a pleasant vacation.

A boat transfer for business people

More and more often, business people are in need of a private transfer from Naples to Capri.
This choice may be determined by various needs, such as the desire to show up in a big way to a meeting with potential partners. Or the desire to offer to potential customers a travel alternative that is more comfortable and less stressful.

In any case, a private transfer to Capri is definitely a rational and fruitful choice, especially if the time is short and we want to make the most of it. Also, it is a way to get fresh and relaxed and to present yourself to the best meeting.

A boat transfer for cruise guests

Many requests for this service also come from cruise guests. In fact, they have a few hours to visit the island when the ship docks in Naples. They have to stay within the time of the cruise ship’s stops and, absolutely, cannot take the risk of being late at the time they have to be boarded again.
For this reason, cruise ship passengers usually need a convenient, accurate and fast private boat transfer Naples to Capri. The reliability of the service is one of their priorities because is what can give them a chance to enjoy a day at Capri while cruising in the Mediterranean. A tailor-made travel solution becomes virtually essential in these cases.

A private boat transfer is also an excellent solution for cruising guests who can organize themselves in a group. In fact, the boats offering this kind service can comfortably accommodate even small groups of people, often made up of family and friends. A fruitful way to keep costs down.

Capri Boat Experience is able to offer a wide range of private transfers in the Gulf of Naples with a highly qualified and always very professional staff.
You will be comfortably accommodated on our luxury boat and you have to do is relax. You can admire beautiful landscapes and have a point of view that many cannot know: the sea.
Do not hesitate! Enjoy the pleasure of a tailor-made boat trip!